First trip to the spa

If just the thought of going to the spa makes you nervous, then know that you are not alone. Many had to go through this when they received their first gift certificate in order to spend the whole day at the spa. Some people do not even use these gifts because they are worried that during the session something may not go as they planned, as they had imagined and painted in their imagination. Well, the most common excuse is that few people know the rules of conduct in this place. Simply put, it’s all about guilt and ignorance. But it’s worth going there at least once, and then a person will feel confident and laugh at his past bashfulness

It's time to relax!

But you can relax in the literal sense of the word! The biggest concern, as a rule, arises when you are forced to take off clothes for massage. Believe me, this should not worry you so much, there is nothing to worry about. You expose only the part of your body that the massage therapist will work on. The rest will be covered with a sheet or blanket, sometimes with a large towel. You can not take off your clothes, but this is only for certain types of treatment, such as reflexology. Indeed, if you are too shy, you can sign up for a face massage or spa manicure and pedicure. And most importantly, you don’t have to worry too much about knowing what and how to do, because you will always have a specially trained person who will tell you where to go, what to do, what will happen next.

When you first visit the spa

If you want to know what a spa is, you can always ask about it from your friends who often go there, well, or go directly to the salon for a consultation before you buy a subscription. Here are a few things to do. When you buy a subscription, book a day of visit, be positive. Once you cross the threshold of the spa, do not hesitate to admit to the consultant that this is your first visit to such a place. He (or she) will have to give you as much time as you need. He will be able to answer any of your questions, such as what procedures are necessary in your case, what they are, what they could advise you when you should come and so on.The most popular treatments are massages, facials, body treatments, spa manicures and pedicures. The consultant usually asks all visitors who they give their preference to - a male therapist or a woman. If you say that you have no preferences, you are likely to be assigned to a man. Feel free and don't be afraid to talk about your preferences. Most people feel more comfortable with a female therapist, especially at the beginning of the session.

How to behave

Come at least 15 minutes early. The whole idea is to prepare, morale and relax, and if you are late, it will be stressful for you. When you register with the administrator, the spa consultant will tell you exactly what will happen next. There may be a special person in the cabin who will accompany you to the locker room, where he will show you your locker, give a bathrobe and slippers. This person will also tell you about everything that interests you, for example, a steam bath, show you where the shower is and where you will be waiting for your therapist.

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Some more useful information

If after the massage you want to take a hot bath or swim in the pool, carefully make sure that after that you wash away all chlorine residues from the skin. You can go to the waiting room (sometimes called the meditation room) a few minutes before the procedure. When your time comes, the therapist will pick you up, escort you to the treatment room, where he will say what exactly and how he will do with you. Many of them say this: “I’ll leave the room for a few minutes, and you can hang the robe on a hook on the door and lie face down on the couch. I will knock before I enter. " At the end of treatment, the therapist will leave the room so that you can get dressed calmly and wait until you leave. You can return to the meditation lounge to relax or proceed with the next procedure.

More about these salons

More about such salons There are many different spas that you can visit both in your hometown and in one of the resorts. Many people enter first-class spas for the first time only when they are on vacation. Many centers are located at the hotel where vacationers live. And if it is a resort town, there should be a lot of good salons that no tourist can pass by. Resort / hotel centers are available in a wide range of sizes and styles. People who are interested in weight loss or with all hands for a healthy lifestyle often choose targeted spas that offer an all-inclusive spa vacation. The spa resorts provide great wellness opportunities and exciting experiences, but they are usually not a cheap treat. 

What to consider before visiting the spa?

Firstly, you need to discuss all the details in advance. Each self-respecting salon has a website on which you can see the list of services provided, their cost, contacts, etc. It is advisable to call the salon, make an appointment in advance and discuss with the administrator some nuances: what services are suitable for you, are there any contraindications taking into account your health, are you comfortable with the massage therapist’s gender, etc.
The question often arises: what is better to wear in a spa? The answer is simple: any clothes and shoes that are convenient for you are suitable. In this case, it is desirable to leave watches, jewelry and other accessories at home, and it is better to turn off the mobile phone while you are in the cabin.
Some girls worry that they will have to be naked in the spa. Experiences are in vain, as in good salons it is customary to give slippers, disposable panties, towels and a bathrobe to customers.
In this case, the massage therapist will cover with a towel that area of ​​your body with which he does not work. The salon staff will make sure that you can easily dress and undress without worrying about privacy.
Do not endure the inconvenience or pain during massage. If you feel cold, unpleasant, or hurt, tell staff. If necessary, ask questions without hesitation or politely ask for something.
Remember that in spas it is customary to observe silence - this is one of the rules of spa etiquette. Therefore, exclude conversations on the mobile, and communicate quietly with staff. Like you, spa clients come to relax from the hustle, bustle and problems.
Spa treatments: body wraps, massage, sauna and baths have the ability to remove water from the body, so if necessary, quench your thirst and drink if desired. Often in the salons offer tea - be sure to take advantage of this offer and enjoy a drink.
Before signing up for a spa, think carefully about the time and day of your visit. There are times when a spa visit needs to be rescheduled or canceled - do it as soon as possible. Please note that some spas may require a 100% refund of the price of the package of services that you booked if you reported cancellation later than the time specified by the salon.
Tips at the spa are usually included in the cost of services or make up about 15-20% of the total cost of services. You can find out about this on the salon website. Be sure to thank the specialists for the work, even if you came to the spa with a gift certificate.

You can sign up for procedures online and directly in the salon. Having visited the salon in person, before ordering a service, you can see the interior, feel comfortable there or not. The reception administrator will help you choose the service that suits you. To save time, you can sign up via the Internet. The spa website has detailed information about each service.
     When you come to the spa, you will be met by the administrator and will be taken to the room where I will undergo the procedures. You will be given a bathrobe, slippers, hat and disposable underwear. When ordering Thai massage special clothing will be issued. You can change clothes in a special room. If you plan to visit the shared sauna, bring a swimsuit with you. Treatment rooms can be with or without a shower. If you need to wash before the procedure, it is better to check in advance whether this will be possible.
     Self-respecting spa centers keep clean. Specialists wear special bathrobes, hands are always clean. For each client, they take a separate clean towel or a special sheet. She will cover parts of the body that are not subject to massage or have already been worked out.


There is a certain etiquette of behavior in the spa, which should be observed in order not to fall into an awkward situation:
No loud phone calls allowed
No smoking
A client who is intoxicated is likely to be denied service
In certain parts of the cabin, you can only walk in the clothes and shoes